The Surgical Artistry Modesto Marathon is committed to helping our community get fit. To better encourage you to meet your fitness goals, we’ve created the Community Get Fit Challenge. Invite others to join you in training for one of our races. Sign up to represent your workplace, your favorite non-profit agency or school, and get others to sign up with you. Hopefully, having teammates to train with will be more fun, and competing against others will encourage you when the going gets tough.

The teams with the most participants signed up for any of our races will receive a special award good for bragging rights for the year. We’ll also feature your team on our website. And best of all, it’s free! So start spreading the word.

Just check Community Get Fit Challenge when you register, and fill in your school, non-profit or company/workplace. Good luck and happy training!

Sign up and commit to get fit! There will be three divisions:

  • Schools

    Teachers, students and their families and friends can sign up for any of our events to represent their schools. The school with the highest number of representatives will win the Schools Division of the Community Get Fit Challenge! We want to encourage our youth to get out and be active, and we urge teachers, parents and friends to be their role models. (Students in the Teens Run Modesto program are not eligible for this division.) Your team members may choose to fund-raise for a favorite charity through the everydayhero program. You can find out more and/or register at

  • Non-profits

    Do you work for, participate with, or have a special place in your heart for a non-profit organization? Then sign up for any of our races and compete against other non-profits for the greatest participation award. Improve your health, challenge yourself, and make new friends and training partners. Your non-profit team may choose to raise funds for its cause through the everydayhero program (

  • Corporate/company

    Businesses are invited to encourage their employees to get active and healthy by signing up for any of our races. The company with the highest number of representatives will win their division of the Get Fit Challenge! A happy, healthy employee is a productive employee, so encourage your workforce to commit to get fit! Your company may also choose to build team unity by fund-raising through the everydayhero program. You can find out more and/or register at

We will offer training plans on our website for those interested, or better yet, join our Surgical Artistry Modesto Marathon training group to help you meet your goals together. We won’t kid you, it can be very hard work, and will require time and dedication, but it might just change your life. For more information on our training groups, contact Mike Mason or Susan Taylor at or visit our Training Group page.  The first training group run/walk is scheduled for late October.

Special Thanks To Our Sponsors