Elite Runner Program

Are You Fast Enough for a Free Race Entry?

Elite athletes are invited to submit their qualifications for potential complimentary entry into the full marathon only. Elite Runner entry will be considered for male athletes who have achieved a 2:35 or faster marathon time and for females with a 3:00 or faster time.

In the Masters Division (age 40 and older), Elite Runner entry will be considered for men with a 2:50 or faster time and women with a 3:15 or faster time.

All times must have been achieved within the past two years and must be verifiable through race results.

There are a limited number of Elite Runner entries available. Entries will be considered on a first-come basis. We will try to respond to all potential entries within two weeks. The absolute deadline for submitting your running resume is Feb. 28, 2017.

Send your running resume and any inquiries to Karen Lozano at [email protected] You must include: name, birthdate, age on race day (March 19, 2017), gender, current address, email address, phone number including area code, current results within the past two years, lifetime PRs, and any other pertinent information you’d like us to consider. We reserve the right to take into account other results (ultramarathons, half marathons, etc.) in lieu of current marathon times. Please include club or sponsorships, if any.

Our Elite Runner program currently includes complimentary entries only. We will not consider hotel or travel expenses. We look forward to providing a fast course for all our athletes to achieve personal records and goals.

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