Medical Team

Helping you to have a safe and successful marathon – whether it’s your first or your hundredth.

Hands-Only CPR

By watching this video, you can learn and use the life saving technique of CPR if a situation arises.

Learn how you can “Bridge the Gap” from the time a fellow runner goes down in distress to when our marathon medical team arrives.

Hands-only CPR is a potentially lifesaving technique involving no mouth to mouth contact. It is best used in emergencies where someone has seen another person suddenly collapse. The hands-only technique increases the likelihood of surviving cardiac emergencies that occur outside medical settings.

Tips and Info

  • Medical is available at EVERY aid station.
  • Basic first aid and running specific supplies such as salt and Vaseline.
  • Medical staff will have a bright red shirt on.Ask anyone at the station and they will find us.
  • There will be medical roving the course and at the finish line to greet you (and pick you up if need be!)
  • A medical recovery tent will be located at the finish line for basic injuries and recovery.

While we want everyone to reach their goals, should you need to stop your race short, transportation to the finish will be available.

Our Team

  • Tim Weimer, DC
  • Leanne Mason, RN
  • Fred Myetich
  • Danielle Myers MD
  • Anita Erceg RN
  • Janie Warren

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