Bart Yasso Announced as 2013 SAMM Featured Guest

bartyassoBart Yasso, known as Runner’s World Magazine’s “Chief Running Officer” since 1987, will be the featured guest speaker at the 2013 Surgical Artistry Modesto Marathon Pre-Race Dinner. He will also be at the SAMM Expo greeting the public and sharing his running wisdom and anecdotes.

Yasso has coached thousands of marathon runners enrolled in the Runner’s World Challenge.
He is the creator of the “Yasso 800’s” a workout that predicts marathon race pace through running 800 meters 10 times. This technique has been used by many local athletes and is extremely popular in Europe and Italy.

Yasso was inducted into the Running USA Hall of Champions and is the author of the book My Life on the Run.

He has run marathons worldwide – from Boston and New York to Antarctica and Mount Kilimanjaro, and at least one on all seven continents. He completed the ultramarathon Badwater, billed as “the world’s toughest footrace,” in 1989 when it was a grueling 146-mile trek across California’s Death Valley. (Today it has been trimmed to 135 miles.)

He has also completed two solo, unsupported bicycle rides across the U.S. in 20 days, averaging 155 miles per day.

Yasso was recently named #80 among The 100 Most Influential People in Health and Fitness 2012 by

In addition to hanging out at the Expo and speaking at dinner, Yasso will start the 2013 marathon and half marathon races, and will greet and mingle with finishers.

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  1. Tammy Wu, MD Breast Augmentation, Modesto
    Tammy Wu, MD Breast Augmentation, Modesto says:

    I’ve read runners world and done Yasso 800 intervals before. It has helped me tremendously with my running in the past. It don’t think I did enough Yasso 800’s sessions or didn’t have enough base mileage training, because the Yasso 800’s didn’t quite get me to my sub 4 marathon goal, although I was able to complete sub 4 Yasso 800’s. On a note related to how Bart Yasso has strong connections to Runners’ World Magazine. I have many breast augmentation patients who are runners and there are special breast augmentation considerations for runners and other athletes. I am tempted to write an article regarding breast augmentation and running and wonder if Runners World would ever pick up on a story like that. Or perhaps Breast Augmentation for runners is just such an isolated interest of mine as a plastic surgeon.


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