Check out 34-year-old Larry Cline, a truck driver from Turlock who is in the Modesto Marathon Adult Training Group. Cline, who has lost an incredible 115 pounds, is planning to run the full marathon in Modesto on March 19, 2017.

Cline said he signed up for the training group at the urging of friends in his Weight Watchers group, where he lost 50 pounds before he started running at the gym. Another 43 pounds later and he joined the training group and started running with the ShadowChase Running Club.

As a truck driver staying in shape is not always easy. Not only is the job of a relatively sedentary nature, but the pressures of finding regular work can also be stressful, leading to unhealthy habits.

However, that being said, the transportation industry has come a long way in recent years to improve the hiring and recruitment process to ensure job security for qualified individuals. For example, the use of truck driver recruiting software and the development of a truck driver application form can ease the hiring process.

Consequently, while discussing the pressures of finding regular work as a truck driver, Cline went on to detail his weight loss journey.

“This is the first time since high school that I’ve been under 300 pounds,” said Cline. “I used to play football in high school but still didn’t pay attention to my weight.”

“I always wanted to run (the Modesto Marathon), just my weight has held me back.”

Cline, who drives a semi truck to Oakland daily, considers himself a “wrocker,” combining running and walking to achieve his mileage. “I’m not worried about my time,” he said. “I’m just worried about finishing.”

He tells others considering making the running commitment, “Start slow and be ready, believe in yourself and make it happen!”

The Modesto Marathon may be the perfect place for Cline, since it offers a flat course ideal for first-timers, as well as a generous 7-hour time limit. There’s plenty of swag this year too, such as a tech shirt, jacket and free photos on the course, perfect to capture the memories of a lifetime.

Cline advises that, “I make sure to always put myself first. No one else can lose my weight or run this race for me.” He said he is most proud of himself, not for losing the weight, but “I’m proud that I have the mindset of wanting to give back and encourage others who want to get healthy, that it’s not impossible and it can be done. I’m proof!”


gabi1In the world of volunteers, there are people whose lives are so fulfilling, they leave you breathless, yet motivated to do better and give more. We are humbled by their selfless gift to others, yet gasping in the wake of their activity. Gabriela Guerrini — Gabi to her friends — is one such whirlwind. Perhaps that’s one reason why she’s the perfect person to serve as Director of Volunteers for the Modesto Marathon.

“I am responsible for recruiting up to 600 volunteers for the marathon and organizing them,” she explains, then adds, “Shameless plug: email me at [email protected] if you’d like to be part of our great event! “

That’s Gabi, always working the crowd, and usually with a smile and kind word. Perhaps that’s why she’s still such great friends with her ex-husband.


Yep, they’re still so friendly with each other many people don’t even realize she was married to our ShadowChase Running Club President Thomas Lopes. The two were married for 10 years and have raised two children – Matthew and Madeline – together.

Guerrini joined ShadowChase about five years ago, beginning like many with the Modesto Marathon training group. “I ran my first half at the Modesto Marathon with my son Matthew.

“I joined because the year of the horrible storm – 2010?, 2011? — I helped my friend at the aid station in front of her house (mile 1.55). The excitement I felt seeing all the runners go by was addicting! I had to be part of the running community!”

She definitely jumped in with both feet running.

Besides helping with the marathon and a multitude of other ShadowChase activities, Guerrini serves on the board of the Dusty Bottoms Trail Runners as secretary.

“We put on a few races and fund-raise for the Center for Human services,” she said.

She’s also helping Modesto distance elite runner Jon Olsen put on his 24 hour race in February 2017. “This is super exciting,” she said. “It’s the first time I am helping a real celebrity!”

gabiandjimGuerrini says her motivation to volunteer grew from Modesto being put in a bad light. “A friend once said, ‘if you’re going to live here, try to make it better, not worse.’ I believe that Modesto is a great place for us to be and I want to help make it somewhere people are proud to live. And now that I am an empty nester, it is easier to wear many hats.”

A true Renaissance woman, Guerrini works as an English as a Second Language (ESL) instructor at Modesto Junior College and Merced College. “For Merced, I work with migrant farmers, teaching out of a housing complex they live at during their season.” She’s also been a waitress and bartender for over 30 years. “I still get hired to do caterings and private bartending gigs,” she said. “At most parties you’ll find me at the bar mixing drinks for people.”

She’s also organizing a fund raiser between the Prospect Theater and DBTR for this Halloween!

We should add ultra runner to her long resume since she’s completed the Way Too Cool 50K race. “I can’t look back and say which race was my favorite,” she said. “There is something special about each of my races. If you know me, I am very social, and I love running with my friends anywhere!”

She also dabbles in tai chi since her partner of 11 years, Jim Hutson, “is really into tai chi and has travelled to Nice, France; Lapland, Finland; and every year goes to La Honda and Sandy Island, NH, for tai chi camps.”

So what could be left on this woman’s agenda?

“My future running goal is to heal my achilles, which has kept me from running since June. Very frustrating! Other goals: get my kids through college and live a happy and fulfilling life.

“I see myself in the future doing more of what I love — enjoying life with Jim, travelling and being active.”


If you know a ShadowChase Running Club volunteer you would like to see in the spotlight, please contact Karen Lozano at [email protected].

Who doesn’t need exercise?

Join the ShadowChase training program for the Sutter Health Memorial Medical Center Modesto Marathon, Half Marathon and 5k.

We have groups of all ages and paces. There is a place for everyone from walkers up to elite runners.

Be sure to attend one of the informational meetings being held.


  • Saturday September 10th 2016 at 2:30pm
  • Monday September 12th 2016 at 6:30
  • Monday October 10th 2016 at 6:30


Village Conference Center
3700 McHenry Ave. , Modesto
On the back side of McHenry Village.

Training program is sponsored by ShadowChase Running Club, Surgical Artistry, and Sutter Health Memorial Medical Center

The Modesto Marathon is getting a new name and look thanks to a multi-year partnership announced this week. The race will now be called the Sutter Health, Memorial Medical Center Modesto Marathon. A new logo to reflect the change has been unveiled.

“I am beyond excited for our new partnership with Sutter Health, Memorial Medical Center,” said Race Director Vickie Chu-Hermis. “We’re very fortunate to have found a partner that has a shared goal of encouraging healthy lifestyles with a focus on preventative health.

“It’s amazing when two not-for-profit companies can join together to help make our community, and beyond, a healthier place to live,” she said. “With Sutter Health’s commitment, it provides us a greater platform to transform lives on a larger scale.”

Daryn Kumar, CEO of Sutter Health’s Memorial Medical Center, was equally enthusiastic about the partnership.

“We are very proud of our association with the Modesto Marathon over the years and look forward to strengthening our relationship and building on the foundation that Surgical Artistry started,” he said.

Surgical Artistry’s Dr. Tammy Wu and Dr. Calvin Lee were the original marathon sponsors.

Kumar continued, “We have participated as sponsors for many years, but more importantly from a community involvement perspective. Every aspect of this event ties to things we value and promote: physical fitness, healthy living, teamwork, and community. Supporting the marathon and Teens Run Modesto fits perfectly with our mission to enhance the well-being of people in the communities we serve.”

Chu-Hermis praised the support of Surgical Artistry’s Drs. Wu and Lee. “They had faith in us from year one, before we had a proven track record. With their support, we have been able to provide over $414,000 of our total proceeds to our Teens Run Modesto program. For that, we are truly thankful.”

The ShadowChase Running Club of Modesto founded the Modesto Marathon seven years ago as a means to fund the TRM program in which valley students are challenged to experience the benefits of goal setting, character development, adult mentoring and improved physical health through a structured training program culminating in the running of the Modesto Marathon.

Since the program began, some 1,500 students have participated in the half and full marathons. Many students have credited the program with helping to turn their lives around and giving them new structure. Approximately $50,000 in scholarship money has been awarded to TRM students who have completed the program. Some students have said they had not considered college an option prior to participating in the running program.

This past year, a leadership program for junior and senior high school TRM students has been established.
In addition, ShadowChase sponsors a popular adult training program annually. The new program is set to begin next month. For more information, contact [email protected].

Live runner tracking

The Surgical Artistry Modesto Marathon is just TWO DAYS AWAY!!! While you’re out on the course Sunday, let your loved ones know how you’re doing. Use this link and follow the directions for runner tracking:

There’s also an awesome Modesto Marathon app available in the App Store.

Awards booth

After you cross that finish line and you’re wondering if you’ve placed in your age group or if you’ve qualified for Boston, follow this link for results:

Top three to place in their 5-year age groups — along with Athenas, Clydesdales and Masters — will receive visors. Be sure to pick them up at the Awards booth after you finish! We’ve added another youth division as well, so be sure to check the results!

BQ Shirts are back!

If you do qualify to run the coveted Boston Marathon, be sure to come claim your bragging rights at the Awards/BQ booth at the Finish Line Festival. You’ll have your choice of a shirt proclaiming “I BQ’d at the Modesto Marathon,” or a license plate frame.

Expo is Today, 10 a.m.-6 p.m.

Have you checked your information on our website to make sure it’s correct? If you’ve found any errors, please go to the Solutions Desk in the Registration area of the Expo on Saturday. The Golden Valley Health Centers Fitness Expo will be held at the Modesto Centre Plaza on Saturday, 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Pick up your bib, shirt, arm sleeves and goody bag there, then head across the street to Fuzio Universal Bistro to collect your Celebration Red wine if you’re running the full, half or half relay. You MUST bring a valid ID to pick up your wine!

Don’t fold your bib!

Do not fold, bend or remove the chip on the back of your Valley First Credit Union bib! The bib ensures you will receive a correct time for your race! Also, wear the bib on the front of your shirt or shorts so that is can be plainly visible at all times. We need to know who’s on the course! Also, smile when you see photographers. Sutter Gould Medical Foundations has sponsored FREE photos by Captivating Photos for our runners. You’ll be able to pick up some prints at the Finish Line and download the rest from the comfort of your own home.

 Online registration is closed, but you can sign up in person

If you know someone who wants to sign up, registration will be open at the Expo. They can sign up online through midnight tonight and save a few dollars.

Half Marathon Relay

The half relay begins at 7 a.m., alongside the full and half marathoners. The first runner of the team should begin at the Start line. He/she will run the 7 miles to the exchange point on North Avenue, and the second runner will travel the rest of the half marathon course – 6.1 miles – to the Finish line. The second member of the team should find ample parking at North and Finney in the Sierra Vista School parking lot, and walk the short distance to the exchange point on North. THERE ARE NO SHUTTLES. Members must supply their own transportation.

 Stay hydrated & fueled

On the course we’ll be serving Tri Berry and Lemon Lime flavored Nuun electrolyte drink as well as water. We will also have Chocolate Outrage, Tri Berry & Strawberry Banana (caffeine free) Gu gels and Re-Lyte Sport Caps. Please help us keep our area residents happy by throwing all garbage near the aid stations garbage cans where it may easily be retrieved!

And don’t forget to thank the volunteers who have given up their Sunday to help you achieve your goals!

Finish Line Festival

New this year: food trucks at the Finish Line Festival. They should nicely enhance our Michelob Ultra Beer Garden and Barefoot Wine garden in the finish area. Runners will receive one glass of beer and wine samples. Beer and wine spritzers will also be offered for sale, so bring some cash along with your valid ID. YOU MUST HAVE AN ID TO BE SERVED!

Live entertainment

Entertainment on the Main Stage will be The Lodge Pole Pickers from 8 to 11 a.m., followed by Triple D, 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. The course is open 7 hours, until 2 p.m. Don’t forget to visit the Fleet Feet Recovery Lounge to roll out those aches and pains, or stop by for a free massage.

Overall awards ceremony will take place at 8:45 a.m. for the 5K, 9 a.m. for the half marathon and relay, and 10 a.m. for the full marathon.

Official SAMM merchandise will be for sale at the Expo as well as the Finish Line.

Pick up your race packet and check out the booths:

Whether you’re running the Surgical Artistry Modesto Marathon or not, you won’t want to miss checking out the Golden Valley Health Centers Fitness Expo on Saturday at the Modesto Centre Plaza, 1000 L St. (behind the Doubletree Hotel), 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Best of all, it’s free and open to the public.

Runners will have the opportunity to pick up their race packets while visitors can check out the dozens of vendors offering everything from fitness clothing and nutrition, to jewelry to informational handouts. You may even want to take part yourself if you own a fitness brand, in which case check out this example of a trade show banner that will help your stall to be noticed among the crowd. It’s a lucrative opportunity thanks to the huge amount of footfall.

Athena and Clydesdale signups

Those runners planning to compete in the Clydesdale and Athena categories will need to visit the Golden Valley Health Centers booth to sign up and weigh in. This division is offered to help runners of non-traditional stature be competitive in a division of their own. This year there will be Clydesdale (males 200-pounds and over) and Athena (females 160-pounds and over) divisions in both the full and half marathons. You may even want to pick up a new strap for your Fitbit on Mobile Mob beforehand to make sure you’re all ready to keep track of those steps!

Race Day Packet Pickup

Those unable to attend the Expo may pick up their bibs and swag 6-6:45 a.m., Sunday in front of the ShadowChase Running Club office (Pike Building) at 11th and M streets. We highly encourage those who can to attend the Expo and avoid race day congestion and confusion, along with the risk of arriving late to the start line. Those unable to attend may have a friend or family member pick up their race packets.

Wine pickup at Fuzio

Part of the runners’ swag this year is a bottle of Celebration Red wine, created especially for our runners and walkers by C.G. Di Arie Winery. To pick up your wine on Saturday, you’ll need to get your bib at the Expo, then walk across the street to Fuzio Universal Bistro. Fuzio will offer additional bottles of this beautiful custom red blend commemorating your race for $20 for those who will want one to display as well as one to drink. If you’d like to grab a bite to eat while at Fuzio, owner Thomas Lopes has generously offered to waive corkage Saturday and Sunday. Those wishing to wait until Sunday may take their race bib to the beer and wine garden at the Finish Line Festival after their race. A valid ID is required for wine pickup at both venues!
Registration still open but prices going up!

Online registration will remain open through Saturday, however prices will go up Friday at midnight. Race swag is only guaranteed to those who are signed up by Friday. Race morning registration for all races will be available for an additional fee, with no guarantee of swag.

Parking information

Please visit our website for parking information:

Nothing makes race day seem so close as getting your bib number. Knowing the number you will be sporting all those miles makes things a bit more real.

Find your bib number now.

Wondering how the Modesto Marathon will impact your driving through the city? We’ve got you covered.

This map shows the race course through the city limits with the approximate times of road closures.

2015 City Resident Notification Map

Hope this helps spectators as well as those needing to get to work or church on Sunday morning.

Looks like we’ll have a world class runner on the course, not to mention a very competitive field! Modesto’s own Jon Olsen, two-time SAMM winner, has been working his way back from injury. He’ll be joining the Get Fit Pace Team, pacing the 3:30 marathon group. We’re pretty sure he’s going to make that look easy after his world championship sub-12 hour record in the 100 mile event. … The elite field will see women’s course record holder Anna Bretan, 29, of Berkeley, returning to defend her overall title last year. After beating the entire field in 2:41:52 last year, she went on to win the San Francisco Marathon women’s division in July.

Also returning to SAMM this year is Jesus Campos, 28, of Fresno, who finished in third place last year after setting the course record in 2:26:53 in 2013. Other notables competing this year include Justus Meyer, 33, of San Francisco, with a 2:30:42 PR, and Osamu Tada, 34, of Sacramento, with a 2:31. Chris Knorzer, 46, of Rocklin, leads the Masters field after winning the CIM marathon men’s masters division in December in 2:32.50.

Is there anything better than a post-race massage? Getting that rubdown right at the finish line feels great and starts the recovery process.

The Modesto Marathon has once again formed a team of massage professionals to take care of our runners.

Here is a list of therapists you will see on race day:

  1. Michelle Dawson – Massage Therapy
  2. San Joaquin Valley College
  3. Valley Chiropractic Care, Dr. Christopher Akin
  4. Kathleen Adams-Pain Relieving Massage
  5. Elizabeth Vera
  6. Mana Luna; Julia Bertrand, Jade Gray
  7. Dr. Bob Armstrong Chiropractor
  8. Helping Hands Day Spa
  9. Back to Normal Bodyworks, Daniel Morales

We have finalized the list of nutritional supplements that will be served at the 2015 Modesto Marathon.

For electrolyte drink, Tri Berry Nuun Hydration will be served at aid stations.

Gels will be handed out at several aid stations. This year’s assortment include: Chocolate Outrage GuTri Berry Gu, and Strawberry Banana Gu (caffeine free).

Re-Lyte electrolyte replacement supplement and cramp eliminator will also be offered on the course.

As with any race, it is a good idea to test these products out on a training run to make sure they agree with your system. This will insure peak performance on race day.