New Location for Saturday’s Training Run

Getting bored of running every weekend in Dry Creek Park? Ready for a change of scenery? We got you covered.

For this weekend’s 18 mile training run, we are heading back out to Oakdale. Going a route very similar to the Flat Arch Run we did at the end of December.


This time, we aren’t starting from the barn, though. We will be meeting on Frankenheimer Road (same road as the barn is on).

The meeting area is along the road and doesn’t have an exact address, so put 9720 Frankenheimer Road, Oakdale into your GPS for a close location.


We will start at our usual time of 7:45.

The Route

Mike Araiza planned out a great run for us and the Teens Run Modesto program. It keeps us off major roads to make for a quiet, uneventful run.

Check out the course on the USATF website.


We will have aid stations on the course, but it is still very important that you bring your own water/sports drinks and energy fuel (GU, gel, etc.).

Unlike the marathon that will have aid stations placed every 2 miles, we don’t have the volunteers to staff that many stations for this training run.

18 miles is a long distance. You will need to hydrate and refuel more frequently than our aid stations will provide. Bring a water belt and pack GU.

Respecting the Route

Whenever we run on the road, we are running in people’s neighborhoods. We need to respect that as you would expect that in your neighborhood.

Please run along the side of the road to allow locals to pass by easily. Run facing oncoming traffic for safety.

Most importantly, DON’T LITTER! We want to leave this farm land as clean and pristine as we found it.

See you all on Saturday morning in Oakdale. If you show up at the park, it will be a very lonely 18 mile run.

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