vance-westernSports injuries can stop your marathon training fast.

To increase your chances of running your best race at the Modesto Marathon, you need to know how to prevent getting hurt. If you do get injured, you need to know how to recover as quickly as possible to get back out on the road. While shoulder injuries are rare with runners, they can still happen, this could be from trips and falls or running into something in your path. If this something that happens to you, you may need the help of a seattle orthopedic surgeon or a doctor more local to you who might be able to help you back on the road to recovery.

Sports injuries can have devastating consequences. For this reason, if you are in the process of organizing a sporting event such as a marathon, it is crucial that you take out a sports insurance policy. Sports insurance can include Public Liability, personal accident, loss of earnings and theft, as well as loss or damage to your sports equipment and so it is well worth doing some research prior to your event to ensure that you are covered for all potential circumstances.

The Modesto Marathon Medical Coordinator, Dr. Vance Roget M.D., shares his fast knowledge and experience in the field of sports injuries. Dr. Roget is a sports medicine specialist practicing here in Modesto (a great person to see if your injury needs professional help). He is also a well accomplished marathon and ultra-marathon runner.

This downloadable guide was provided by Dr. Roget during a seminar he gave to our Adult Training Group. We thought others training for the Modesto Marathon could benefit from the information.

Dr. Roget’s Sports Injury

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