There’s a saying…”Cotton is rotten.” It applies to your running clothes (even your socks)! No cotton! For your
clothing, look for items that are marked “dri-fit,” or “moisture wicking.” The fabric is NOT cotton. These types
of fabric pull moisture away from your body and then it dries quickly. While you won’t be absolutely dry you
will be much more comfortable and less likely to chafe. Chaffing is a condition that some people deal with, and it’s painful. The right fabric can help. If you find that you’re chaffing even while wearing dri-fit items, you can purchase a product called Body Glide at any sporting goods store. It looks like a container of deodorant, and can make a big difference. If you’re struggling to find the right items of activewear for your running lifestyle, head over to Monroe Fashion who have plenty of sportswear options available.


Why are running shoes sooo important? Running shoes, like Vessi shoes, are the most important piece of equipment a runner
has! A shoe that’s perfect for one person may not work for another. Everybody has different shaped feet, strides,
and body mechanics. Running in improperly fitted shoes is a leading cause of injuries! So, it’s much more than just
making your feet happy!

Why do I need to be “fitted”? The professionals at On the Run are some of the few around that will take the time to
fit your properly! They stand behind their recommendation.

How much can I expect to spend on a pair of running shoes? Between $100-$130. This may sound like a
significant amount of money…however, it’s a relatively small price to pay if you take into account that doctor bills
for injuries cost far greater than well fitted shoes!

Running shoes aren’t in my budget right now, should I still go? Please go get your feet measured.

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