Top 10 List of Why to Run the Modesto Marathon

  1. If you live nearby, no one will lose your luggage.
  2. If you live nearby, you can sleep in your own bed, and for at least an extra hour.
  3. It is cheaper not paying for planes, trains, and automobiles (and hotels).
  4. We guarantee good pre-race food, motivating lecture, and interesting Expo.
  5. We guarantee a flat, fast course (and Boston qualifier, for the fast runners).
  6. We train adults and teens for safely finishing (half or full marathon).
  7. You will find an excellent variety of post-race services (including free massage), food, and fun activities (for runners and families).
  8. Your registration and training commitment proves that you are a dedicated athlete, in charge of your own healthy destiny. Your entry fee helps support teens fitness (see
  9. You will probably be running faster than the cows, trees and rocks that you will speed by like they are standing still.
  10. You can get a free photo of you and your drool and vomit-encrusted (smiling) face and shirt, and salt (and urine?) stained shorts.

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