Need some inspiration? He’s 115 pounds lighter!

Check out 34-year-old Larry Cline, a truck driver from Turlock who is in the Modesto Marathon Adult Training Group. Cline, who has lost an incredible 115 pounds, is planning to run the full marathon in Modesto on March 19, 2017.

Cline said he signed up for the training group at the urging of friends in his Weight Watchers group, where he lost 50 pounds before he started running at the gym. Another 43 pounds later and he joined the training group and started running with the ShadowChase Running Club.

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Consequently, while discussing the pressures of finding regular work as a truck driver, Cline went on to detail his weight loss journey.

“This is the first time since high school that I’ve been under 300 pounds,” said Cline. “I used to play football in high school but still didn’t pay attention to my weight.”

“I always wanted to run (the Modesto Marathon), just my weight has held me back.”

Cline, who drives a semi truck to Oakland daily, considers himself a “wrocker,” combining running and walking to achieve his mileage. “I’m not worried about my time,” he said. “I’m just worried about finishing.”

He tells others considering making the running commitment, “Start slow and be ready, believe in yourself and make it happen!”

The Modesto Marathon may be the perfect place for Cline, since it offers a flat course ideal for first-timers, as well as a generous 7-hour time limit. There’s plenty of swag this year too, such as a tech shirt, jacket and free photos on the course, perfect to capture the memories of a lifetime.

Cline advises that, “I make sure to always put myself first. No one else can lose my weight or run this race for me.” He said he is most proud of himself, not for losing the weight, but “I’m proud that I have the mindset of wanting to give back and encourage others who want to get healthy, that it’s not impossible and it can be done. I’m proof!”

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