Food for Thought – Human Hibernation

Have you ever WONDERED??

People often wonder why we gain weight as we get older, but it’s especially because we forget to play like children, becoming much more sedentary, with the excuse that we can’t be as active because we are getting old, but actually people are getting old because they are less active: cause and effect are reversed.

Humans are also experiencing some of the effects similar to other mammals that hibernate.

When an animal hibernates it significantly decreases its activity level to almost zero, and, especially in cold climates, its body temperature and therefore metabolism significantly decrease, and they are able to survive often for several months with little or no food.

Many humans significantly limit their activity level so that their metabolism slows down and their caloric needs are much less, but they keep eating as if they were active with normal metabolism, and therefore they keep gaining weight like a feasting bear just before hibernation, except humans continue in this feasting mode year-round.

If they would fully wake up and have to forage around the forest for their food for survival like bears, then they would lose the stored weight every year, but such is not the case.

So, exercise and eat small amounts often, and remember to play like children (or active foraging bears), in order to raise your metabolism and lower your age.

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