Having a hard time getting out of bed on these cold winter mornings? Need something to motivate you to get your training runs in?

Print out the official Modesto Marathon poster. Post it on your refrigerator, in your work cubicle, or anywhere that it will remind you of your goal to finish the race strong.

SAMM 2013 Poster

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  1. Calvin Lee, MD Botox Surgeon
    Calvin Lee, MD Botox Surgeon says:

    Just wanted to give Mike Pascale a plug. He’s the artist of the inset piece of art (diagonally placed in the poster above). He makes a print like that every year which will be for sale at the Surgical Artistry Modesto Marathon booth at the expo. Each year is different and will be a match for the medal that one receives for completing the full marathon or the half marathon. The “print” isn’t the same as the “poster” advertising the marathon. Also this year’s print isn’t shown on this poster – what is show is the very first print. I do remember that each year, you could buy one with an autograph and numbered (with some original art on each) or one which is a copy of the print without an autograph – and they are priced very nicely. So look for Mike Pascale at the Surgical Artistry Marathon Expo and he is at the Surgical Artistry Marathon Booth where I’m usually talking about running compression socks. I also think he has some extras from previous years which he may bring to sell as well in case you wanted to collect them.


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