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Running a marathon is hard…if it’s your 1st marathon or your 40th marathon, it’s hard. Our experienced Pace Leaders support all runners, from beginner to hardcore. Hook up with our experienced Pace Leaders and get out there and achieve your goals!

One of the keys to achieving your best marathon time is to keep an even pace throughout the race. Go out too fast and you’ll hit the wall, go out too slow and you won’t be able to make up the time later (but you may feel more rested at the end). Determine the pace that you believe you can honestly achieve and stick to it.

Our Pace Leaders will help you to keep a consistent pace throughout the marathon. Simply determine your goal finish time and find the Pace Leader holding a sign with that finish time on it.

Pace Leader finish times are determined by Boston Marathon qualification times.

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2015 Marathon Pace Team

The 2016 Pace Team is still forming. Check back later for an updated roster.

3:05 – Galvin Gonzalez

Marathon PR: 2:44:24

# of Marathons Completed: 5

Favorite Marathon: Los Angeles

Past Pacing Experience: Ventura Marathon – 3:15, Fresno Half – 1:30, Surf City Marathon – 3:05

Advice For Pace Group: I will maintain pace through out the run

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3:10 – Charles Wickersham

charleswickershamMarathon PR: 2:55:02

# of Marathons Completed: 25+

Favorite Marathon: Modesto!!

Past Pacing Experience: CIM 3:25 (2nd year of pacing), Modesto 3:10 (2 years at this pace), Modesto 3:20 (2011)

Advice For Pace Group: We’ll be running even splits unless it’s windy.

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3:15 – Peter Kelleher

peterkelleherMarathon PR: 2:59:03

# of Marathons Completed: 31

Favorite Marathon: Boston 2007

Past Pacing Experience: California international Marathon 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014; Modesto marathon 2011, 2012, 2014; Santa Rosa Marathon 2014

Advice For Pace Group: I have had wonderful experiences being paced by some top notch pacers. In addition, I have had the pleasure of working as a pacer with several different pace teams. This valuable experience has helped me “fine tune” or “dial in” crucial ingredients into my pace strategy creating a recipe for success. Those ingredients are as follows:

  1. Even effort, even pace (no banking time!)
  2. Matching total watch time with mile markers – (expect average pace 7:24 on Garmin for 3:15:00 finish)
  3. Consumption 4oz fluid minimum every 15 min.
  4. Consumption of calories (gels etc)
  5. Appropriate training for the pace (should be able to do 20-22miles at 7:30-7:40 pace)
  6. Appropriate clothing for weather
  7. Run relaxed – follow me
  8. Have fun – enjoy the beautiful marathon course.

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3:25 – Brian Kasten

briankastenMarathon PR: 3:00:38

# of Marathons Completed: 10

Favorite Marathon: Modesto

Past Pacing Experience: CIM 2014 – 3:25

Advice For Pace Group: The course is extremely flat, we will run even splits throughout while aiming to finish around 3:24:30.

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3:30 – Jon Olsen

Marathon PR: 2:27:35

# of Marathons Completed: 25+

Favorite Marathon: Modesto Marathon

Past Pacing Experience: I’ve been so busy racing that this will be my first marathon pacing experience. However, I have paced many runners at ultramarathons over the years.

Advice For Pace Group: I’ve run this race 4 years and won it twice and took 2nd place twice. I know the course well. I’ll get you to a 3:05 and you have that BQ!

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3:35 – Nile Sousa

nilesousaMarathon PR: 3:11

# of Marathons Completed: 20+

Favorite Marathon: Lithia Loop

Past Pacing Experience: 2011 Modesto Marathon 3:35, 2012 Modesto Marathon 3:30, 2013 Modesto Marathon 3:30, 2014 Modesto Marathon 3:35

Advice For Pace Group: Hydrate early and stay with me and I’ll get you to the finish line.

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3:40 – Don Wang

Marathon PR: 2:59:33

# of Marathons Completed: 5

Favorite Marathon: Chicago Marathon

Past Pacing Experience: Oakland Marathon, San Francisco Half, Morgan Hill Half

Advice For Pace Group: 1. A steady pace wins the race! 2. The middle miles (15-20) can be just as challenging as the last 10km, so stay relaxed and focused for the long haul. 3. Be mentally prepared for rising temperatures toward the end of the race — all the more reason to not get carried away in the beginning when it feels “too easy”.

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3:45 – Michael Hess

mikehessMarathon PR: 3:07

# of Marathons Completed: 27

Favorite Marathon: Great Wall Marathon

Past Pacing Experience: This will be my 4th time pacing the Modesto Marathon. I have also paced the Two Cities Marathon in Fresno several times, The Western Pacific Marathon and numerous half marathons.

Advice For Pace Group: My pacing strategy is to run even splits. My goal is to come in just under 3 hours and 45 minutes. I hope to have as much fun as possible and see a few Boston Qualifiers and PR’s.

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3:55 – Sean Collins

seancollinsMarathon PR: 3:20

# of Marathons Completed: 6

Favorite Marathon: Modesto Marathon

Past Pacing Experience: Never paced a marathon but I have paced twice at Western States 100

Advice For Pace Group:

  1. Have fun !!
  2. Don’t go out too fast.
  3. Hydrate frequently and don’t forget your nutrition.
  4. When all else fails, refer to #1

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4:00 – Vanessa Kline

vanessaklineMarathon PR: 3:32

# of Marathons Completed: 38

Favorite Marathon: Emerald Bay Marathon (Lake Tahoe)

Past Pacing Experience: I’ve paced nearly 30 marathons, I’ve lost count!

Advice For Pace Group: Trust your training. Stick with me, especially in the early miles. Everyone feels amazing early on and it’s important to hold back. If you feel golden at 20 miles, then start creeping ahead. Fight the lows (they will happen) and ride the highs! When it gets tough remember it is a very short amount out of your day. You can and will get through it!

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4:10 – Stacy Anderson

stacyandersonMarathon PR: 3:46:31

# of Marathons Completed: 40

Favorite Marathon: Boston Marathon,Modesto Marathon and Surf City Marathon

Past Pacing Experience: The Modesto Marathon was my first pacing race. I had so much fun pacing runners that I wanted to come back again this year!

Advice For Pace Group: Every marathon is an experience; it is an opportunity to learn something about yourself and others. We will be running fairly even splits with about 10 seconds ahead of pace to allow for time at some water stations. It is important to have fun on the course and to realize that there will come a point in the race where it will be difficult and hard and that is the time to put our heads down and push through it. Pacers are there to help runners, use us to your benefit. Run with me the entire race or for a period of time. Whether you join my group along the way or run with me from the beginning, I will do everything I can to push and motivate you to finish your race strong. Enjoy the fun times when it feels easy and endure the rough miles, but don’t stop until you cross that finish line!

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4:25 – Mindy Creed

mindycreedMarathon PR: 3:42

# of Marathons Completed: 11

Favorite Marathon: Los Angeles

Past Pacing Experience: SLO, Santa Rosa, San Francisco

Advice For Pace Group: Dont go out too fast. It feels way better to both physically and mentally to fly across the finish line than it does to fly out of the start line.

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4:40 – Hanoch Raviv

hanochravivMarathon PR: 3:28

# of Marathons Completed: 59

Favorite Marathon: San Francisco

Past Pacing Experience: Pacing for > 3 years including many marathons such as SF, Oakland, Morgan Hill, SLO, Santa Rosa, Surfers point, mountain2beach and many halves.

Advice For Pace Group:

  • The race might be >26.2Mile per my GPS and hence the pace might be faster.
  • Your pace should be mile 1=mile 26.

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4:55 – Craig Anderson

craigandersonMarathon PR: 3:56

# of Marathons Completed: 27

Favorite Marathon: Hatfield-McCoy, WV

Past Pacing Experience: I paced the 5:10 group for the 2014 Modesto Marathon.

Advice For Pace Group: Running a marathon is not easy. Because the marathon distance is so extreme, you have to hold back when running a marathon that the early miles feel very easy that you could run five or ten seconds per mile faster or slower and it would not feel noticeably harder or easier. But a pace difference of just five or ten seconds per mile in the first half of a marathon could make the difference between hanging on and falling apart in the second half. So choosing an appropriate and sustainable time goal that gives you an appropriate target pace is very important.

Even pacing is my preferred method to pace in a marathon. Runners should make it a priority to learn their goal pace so that they can run every mile at their target pace. I’m here to provide support and assistance whether it is a PR or just finish in under five hours.

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5:10 – Roni Kornitz

ronikornitzMarathon PR: 3:26:30

# of Marathons Completed: 81

Favorite Marathon: San Francisco and Chicago

Past Pacing Experience: Started pacing in 2009 in San Francisco Marathon. 22 times pacing marathons in different paces between 3:45 to 5:50. 8 times pacing half marathon in different paces between 1:50 to 3:00.

Advice For Pace Group: Don’t start too fast – stay with me. Drink in every aid station – I’ll be waiting for you so you don’t have to sprint to catch up with me.

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5:25 – Linda McFadden

lindamcfaddenMarathon PR: 3:25

# of Marathons Completed: 300+

Favorite Marathon: Modesto

Past Pacing Experience: I paced the past 2 years at the Modesto Marathon. I have paced friends at ultra distance races including 100 mile races and the Badwater 135 mile race.

Advice For Pace Group: You will accomplish your goal! Smile and enjoy the journey!

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Half Marathon Pace Team

1:30 – Agustin Campos

Marathon PR: 2:57:35

# of Marathons Completed: 8

Favorite Marathon: Modesto!!!

Past Pacing Experience: I have paced many friends at full marathons, but this will be my first formal pacing duty. I know this course well and have run a 1:24 half here. I have also run the full several times.

Advice For Pace Group: Stick with me and well get in under 1:30!

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1:35 – Thomas Solomon

thomassolomonMarathon PR: 2:58:17

# of Marathons Completed: 17

Favorite Marathon: NYC Marathon

Past Pacing Experience: First time pacing

Advice For Pace Group: We are going to take the first two miles slower than the avg pace required. We will work our way into the race and by mile 7 be averaging 7:10 pace. Be prepared to have some fun.

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1:40 – Sean Topping

Marathon PR: 3:19:56

# of Marathons Completed: 6

Favorite Marathon: 2012 California International Marathon, a.k.a. the Typhoon

Past Pacing Experience: Half marathon pacer

Advice For Pace Group: I have never paced, but have utilized pacers in three of my full marathons and see a huge value in having the support of a pacer.

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1:45 – Linh Nguyen

linhnguyenHalf Marathon PR: 1:34

# of Half Marathons Completed: 38

Favorite Marathon: Mountains-2-Beach

Past Pacing Experience: USA Productions NorCal Half, Zooma Napa Half, Merco Credit Union Half, Firstwave Events, Santa Cruz Half, Brazen Racing Western Pacific Marathon + Half, USA Productions Pleasanton Half, Firstwave Events Jungle Run Half, Morgan Hill Marathon + Half, Oakland Running Festival Marathon, Melbourne Marathon, Modesto Marathon, San Francisco Marathon + Half, Fresno 2-Cities Marathon + Half

Advice For Pace Group: Let your pacers lead you to your race day goals, relax, enjoy the company, the views and every moment that you’re blessed with strength to run.

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2:00 – Michelle Kim

michellekimMarathon PR: 3:29

# of Marathons Completed: 8

Favorite Marathon: Mountains 2 Beach

Past Pacing Experience: I have paced the full for the Morgan Hill Marathon for two years (4:25 in 2013, 4:10 in 2014). I have paced the half for Santa Cruz Half, Western Pacific Half, Jungle Run, and the San Francisco 1st Half for 2013 and 2014, for paces ranging from 2:10 to 2:00. This year, I also got to pace the Santa Rosa Half for the 1:50 pace group.

Advice For Pace Group:

  • Keep your shoulders relaxed
  • Keep your head up (don’t drop your chin)
  • Smile for the camera!
  • Fuel station up ahead! Be sure to stay hydrated/now might be a good time to take a gel!

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2:15 – Elizabeth Gutierrez

lizgutierrezMarathon PR: 4:18

# of Marathons Completed: 12

Favorite Marathon: LA Marathon & Modesto, of course

Past Pacing Experience: I have paced the Jungle Run Half, the Morgan Hill Marathon, the Nor Cal Half, the SF Half, the Western Pacific Half, the Oakland Half, the Mountains 2 Beach Half, the Wine Country Healdsburg Half, and a few others

Advice For Pace Group: Train properly, keep a steady pace, and most importantly – have fun!

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2:30 – Craig Wood

craigwoodHalf Marathon PR: 2:01

# of Half Marathons Completed: 70+

Favorite Marathon: Seattle

Past Pacing Experience: None, but I have mentored and trained with runners of various abilities for many years.

Advice For Pace Group: If you aren’t carrying your own hydration, I recommend you train with the electrolyte replacement offered at the race.

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3:00 – Laura Johnson

laurajohnsonHalf Marathon PR: 2:19

# of Half Marathons Completed: 10+

Favorite Marathon: Napa

Past Pacing Experience: Only pacing myself during my runs.

Advice For Pace Group: Have a planned schedule for nutrition and hydration during your run. Enjoy your run!!

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