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Running a marathon is hard…if it’s your 1st marathon or your 40th marathon, it’s hard. Our experienced Pace Leaders support all runners, from beginner to hardcore. Hook up with our experienced Pace Leaders and get out there and achieve your goals!

One of the keys to achieving your best marathon time is to keep an even pace throughout the race. Go out too fast and you’ll hit the wall, go out too slow and you won’t be able to make up the time later (but you may feel more rested at the end). Determine the pace that you believe you can honestly achieve and stick to it.

Our Pace Leaders will help you to keep a consistent pace throughout the marathon. Simply determine your goal finish time and find the Pace Leader holding a sign with that finish time on it.

Pace Leader finish times are determined by Boston Marathon qualification times.

2017 Marathon Pace Team

3:02 – Bo Wang

Marathon PR: 2:43:36

# of Marathons Completed: 8

Favorite Marathon: California International Marathon

Advice For Pace Group: Try to maintain even pace and finish strong. Enjoy the view along the way and don’t worry too much about the pace. It will become warmer near the end so be prepared to drink enough electrolyte.

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3:07 – Baiji He

Marathon PR: 2:55

# of Marathons Completed: 10+

Favorite Marathon: Boston Marathon

Advice For Pace Group: Even pace, progressive effort

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3:12 – Liang Gou

Marathon PR: 2:51:08

# of Marathons Completed: 3

Favorite Marathon: California International Marathon

Advice For Pace Group: Run fun, run high and run fast.

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3:22 – Zheng Mi

Marathon PR: 3:07

# of Marathons Completed: 2

Favorite Marathon: California International Marathon

Advice For Pace Group: Control the pace. Run a negative split.

3:27 – Minya Dai

Marathon PR: 3:14:08

# of Marathons Completed: 6

Favorite Marathon: California International Marathon

Advice For Pace Group: Think positively, finish negatively.

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3:32 – Yan Yao

Marathon PR: 3:17:20

# of Marathons Completed: 5

Favorite Marathon: Boston Marathon

Advice For Pace Group: Follow the plan, trust your training, you will get what you trained for. The most important one, do NOT go out too fast!

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3:37 – Di Sha

Marathon PR: 3:31

# of Marathons Completed: 12

Favorite Marathon: Myrtle Beach Marathon

Advice For Pace Group: Trust your training and follow me!

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3:42 – Emi Yasaka

Marathon PR: 3:09

# of Marathons Completed: 11

Favorite Marathon: Twin Cities Marathon

Advice For Pace Group: Run your first 20 miles at your goal pace. It is easy to run faster in the beginning but I make myself stick to my game plan and don’t get carried away. I know that to run well later, I need to feel really relaxed the first third. One of my runner friend’s motto is “A marathon begins at mile 20.” I think it is really true.

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3:52 – Jen Francis

Marathon PR: 3:23

# of Marathons Completed: 22

Favorite Marathon: Boston Marathon

Advice For Pace Group: Trust your training, we will be running even splits on this course, roughly an 8:50 pace. I will adjust for mile marker discrepancies but for the most part will be staying around 8:44-8:50. I don’t slow down much or walk or stop at aid stations at this pace, so I recommend you run a little ahead of me to grab water, or catch up after. The course is known to be fast and flat so it should be pretty easy. I welcome all questions and will be your biggest cheerleader on race day! We are running a few minutes under the stated pace time in order to ensure anybody looking for a BQ has the required time to get in. Last year the cutoff was about 2:38 I think, so we want to make sure if you run a Boston time you are able to run Boston! Happy training, see you in March!

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3:57 – Nile Sousa

nilesousaMarathon PR: 3:11

# of Marathons Completed: 20+

Favorite Marathon: Lithia Loop

Advice For Pace Group: Hydrate early

4:07 – Christopher Rosario

Marathon PR: 3:24

# of Marathons Completed: 53

Favorite Marathon: Chicago Marathon

Advice For Pace Group: Keep a steady even pace

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4:22 – Jason Glazier

Marathon PR: 4:01:58

# of Marathons Completed: 7

Favorite Marathon: Modesto Marathon

Advice For Pace Group: Fuel, Fuel, and More Fuel!!!  It is very easy to screw up your hydration and nutrition plan within the first hour of your run.  Remember what got you to the starting line and all that you learned to do (and not do) during training.  If you ever feel hungry or thirsty, it’s too late.  Don’t let the excitement of the day distract you from taking care of you so you are the best you as you cross the finish line!

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4:37 – Nik Tehrani

Marathon PR: 3:53

# of Marathons Completed: 24

Favorite Marathon: Chicago Marathon

Advice For Pace Group: Be helpful and friendly to all runners.

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4:52 – Shawna Clark

Marathon PR: 3:20:35

# of Marathons Completed: 12

Favorite Marathon: London Marathon

Advice For Pace Group: Believe in yourself! You have worked hard and can do this!

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5:07 – Roni Kornitz

Marathon PR: 3:25:19

# of Marathons Completed: 122

Favorite Marathon: California Internanal Marathon

Advice For Pace Group: Don’t start too fast, run my pace, don’t skip any aid station.

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5:22 – Linda McFadden

lindamcfaddenMarathon PR: 3:25

# of Marathons Completed: 300+

Favorite Marathon: Modesto

Advice For Pace Group: You will accomplish your goal! Smile and enjoy the journey!

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2017 Half Marathon Pace Team

1:30 – Agustin Campos

Marathon PR: 2:57

# of Marathons Completed: 6

Favorite Marathon: Fresno Marathon

Advice For Pace Group: Just treat your half like a long run, but just a little faster…..

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1:35 – Kevin Evans

Marathon PR: 3:03

# of Marathons Completed: 20

Favorite Marathon: Boston Marathon

Advice For Pace Group: Enjoy the Run!

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1:40 – Linh Nguyen

Marathon PR: 3:23

# of Marathons Completed: 33

1:45 – Karyn Hoffman

Half Marathon PR: 3:25

# of Marathons Completed: 30+

2:00 – Mike Hess

Marathon PR: 3:07

# of Marathons Completed: 32

Favorite Marathon: Big Sur Marathon

Advice For Pace Group: You have trained too hard for this race to give anything but your best.  We’re going to have a great time!

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2:10 – Stacy Anderson

Marathon PR: 3:46:31

# of Marathons Completed: 65

Favorite Marathon: Boston, Modesto and Garden Spot, PA

Advice For Pace Group: Once the training is done, running the half is the fun part!  We will keep a consistent, steady pace, smile for the photographers and keep smiling until we cross that finish line.

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2:20 – Craig Anderson

Marathon PR: 3:56

# of Marathons Completed: 50

Favorite Marathon: Garden Spot (PA), Des Moines (IA), Reston (VA)

Advice For Pace Group: I strive to maintain a constant pace throughout and finish within one minute of goal time.  Stay with me and you will meet your goal through encouragement and  positive thinking.

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2:30 – Shanshan Liu

Marathon PR: 3:44

# of Marathons Completed: 3 full, 5 half

Favorite Marathon: California International Marathon

Advice For Pace Group: Congratulations for going out and having yourself registered for a Half Marathon! Now you may feel so confident with all the hard trainings under your belt, or you might be really anxious as 13.1 miles still sounds crazy. It doesn’t matter. We will work TOGETHER as a team and maintain a steady pace (11:20 / mile, that will leave us 1 minute buffer). We will form a group to block the wind if any, we will take turns to get hydrated to save time. More importantly, we will have fun together and have a blast together! See you at the start line, and let’s finish the race together!

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