The excitement is building around the 2013 Modesto Marathon as race shirts and other merchandise are arriving. We are so pumped that we couldn’t help but share pictures with you.

Race Shirts

We got a lot of feedback from runners of last year’s race about our shirts. The biggest request: offer men’s and women’s shirts instead of unisex.

We listened and now the 2013 race shirts come in gender specific sizes. (A good reason to complete the post race survey to help us make the event even better.)

Pick up your shirt at the Expo Day on March 23rd.


Water Bottles

waterbottleInclude your favorite marathon in your hydration strategy with this handheld water bottle.

This 22 ounce bottle includes a removable bottom for easy cleaning. It also has a zippered pouch to carry your phone, MP3 player or keys.

At only $15, this water bottle is a steal.

Purchase the water bottle at the Expo Day or get it a month early at the Modesto Marathon Movie Night.

Running Hat


Back by popular demand, this lightweight hat will quickly become your favorite running accessory. At just $15, these are bound to sell out like they did last year.

You can buy your hat at the Expo Day or at the Movie Night to make sure you get one before they sell out.

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  1. Calvin Lee, MD Modesto Botox
    Calvin Lee, MD Modesto Botox says:

    Yes, those hats sold out so fast last year. I’m glad to see them back this time. I was fortunate enough to get a hat last year. It is adjustable in the back and it fits big heads like mine. The water bottle as Chad said is special in that the bottom unscrews for easy cleaning. There’s a tag on the bottle that says “no more moldy bottles!” I don’t think mold is all that good in our drinking bottles. I have to say that I haven’t seen the shirts yet, but I’m excited that there are different versions for women and men.


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