That’s right, free food at Fuzio in downtown Modesto. All you need to do is register early for the Spirit of Giving Run.

Come down this Saturday to Fuzio, register for the race and enjoy free appetizers and a coupon for a future meal.

Heard Our Radio Spot?

This event is going to be so much fun that it is being spotlighted on local radio. Check it out:


Spirit of Giving Registration Drive Radio Spot


Registration Drive for 3rd annual Spirit of Giving Jingle Bell Run & Walk


Saturday October, 27th from 1 – 4 pm


Fuzio’s at 1020 10th Street, Modesto

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Fuzio’s will provide free appetizers for those who come down to register and a dining coupon.

Bring a can food item (for Modesto Gospel Mission) or a Dollar Donation to spin the prize wheel.

This is a family-fun spirited event with a free kids run to chase the Grinch out of Modesto

Proceeds from the race go towards Youth Recreation Programs and Meals on Wheels

For more information go to

2012 Spirit of Giving Run


  • Prevent dehydration, and get acclimated to heat;
  • Adequate electrolytes (sodium, potassium, magnesium, calcium);
  • Anti-acids: Zantac or Pepcid (before and during run; I even start the night before);
  • No diet sodas (before or during run); limit fructose (fruit – sugar drinks);
  • Stomach – soothers during run: Tum’s, ginger (e.g., gel candy), peppermint candy, sodium bicarbonate (baking soda), L-glutamine (this may be better as prevention);
  • Caffeine: increases gastric emptying (i.e., good if you tend to get bloated), and keeps kidneys working (but can increase stomach acid, therefore take Zantac/Pepcid);
  • Add ice to fluid for easier absorption (ideal is 50° F);
  • Minimal fat intake, and protein only in powdered vegetable form (especially soy);
  • Ensure is too concentrated and too much fat; HealthShakes from Costco have less fat, but would still need to dilute it significantly; Mountain Dew works well for me;
  • Empty bowels a few days before, i.e., Metamucil &/or Dulcolax tablets (e.g., 3 days before race, while carbo-depleting/high protein and fat intake before the 2 days of carbo- loading);
  • Decrease solids and increased liquid carbs towards end of run/race;
  • Solids that work well for me: rice crispy bars (digest and raise blood sugar almost as fast as sugar but last longer; light and easy to carry, not messy), boiled potatoes, bananas, oatmeal cookies or breakfast/granola bars.

My Homemade Carbo-Gel Recipe:

Water, complex carb. powder (maltodextrin), Perpetuem (from or soy protein powder (approx. 4:1 carbo:Perpetuem/soy powders), Chia seeds (soak in water for a while before drinking), Lite Salt (sodium + potassium), glycerol/glycerin (small amount, ~1 tsp/5 oz. flask; helps cells absorb water better/fast), chocolate or maple syrup. Mix all together in large water bottle and pour into 5 ounce flasks, shake well after water + dry ingredients, then add the syrup.


Have you ever WONDERED??

People often wonder why we gain weight as we get older, but it’s especially because we forget to play like children, becoming much more sedentary, with the excuse that we can’t be as active because we are getting old, but actually people are getting old because they are less active: cause and effect are reversed.

Humans are also experiencing some of the effects similar to other mammals that hibernate.

When an animal hibernates it significantly decreases its activity level to almost zero, and, especially in cold climates, its body temperature and therefore metabolism significantly decrease, and they are able to survive often for several months with little or no food.

Many humans significantly limit their activity level so that their metabolism slows down and their caloric needs are much less, but they keep eating as if they were active with normal metabolism, and therefore they keep gaining weight like a feasting bear just before hibernation, except humans continue in this feasting mode year-round.

If they would fully wake up and have to forage around the forest for their food for survival like bears, then they would lose the stored weight every year, but such is not the case.

So, exercise and eat small amounts often, and remember to play like children (or active foraging bears), in order to raise your metabolism and lower your age.


Halloween is fast approaching and so is our Halloween Fun Run.

This informal 5K and 10K event is a great way to get into the spirit of the holiday and support a great cause. Proceeds of the day will sponsor Modesto youth in the Teens Run Modesto program.

No need to pre-register, just show up on race day. Only $10 to participate.

giantpumpkinGet creative with your costume and you could win a prize.  There will also be drawings and a silent auction for giant pumpkins.

Saturday October 27, 2012
East La Loma Park
8:30 AM

Do you love frozen yogurt? Of course you do.

Why not enjoy this guilty pleasure while helping a great cause?

Enjoy any tempting treat at the Yogurt Mill this Tuesday, October 16th. 20% of your purchase will be donated to Teens Run Modesto.

The offer is good all day (10:00AM-10:00pm) at either of the Yogurt Mill’s 2 locations.


So treat yourself to a tasty frozen yogurt and help keep Modesto youth on the right track.


Tuesday, October 16


Roseburg Square
801 West Roseburg Avenue

Oakdale Road
2509 Oakdale Road

Unlike past years, the Surgical Artistry Modesto Marathon will be offering different incentives in the coming months to encourage early registration for the race.

This week is one amazing incentive.

ontherun-300x155Every person who comes down to OnTheRun to register for the race this Saturday afternoon will reason a huge discount from OnTheRun!

This goes for all 3 races, the marathon, half marathon or 5K

The Discount

  • $15 off any purchase of $50 or more
  • spend $100 you get $30 off your purchase and so on

Use your discount for running shoes, apparel or accessories.


  • Saturday, October 6
  • 12:00PM to 5:00PM


  • OnTheRun
  • McHenry Village
  • 1700 McHenry Avenue, Suite A13
  • Modesto, CA 95350